BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland Update nr. 46: Kiriat Bialystok #poland

Ada Holtzman <ada01@...>

I am very pleased to send my first message to this wonderful new Research Group supported by JewishGen.

But we already have had 45(...) changes made to the web site before its

This was because we have (and still do) a lot of material to post and
only after we posted the necrology list (13051 martyrs, names, lost worlds, with a memorial candle near each one, you can add more names)

we have announced the new web site:

I have now added some pages about "Kiriat Bialystok", the suburb in
Yahud Israel named after Bialystok (no other place in the world carries a name of a Jewish Community annihilated in the Holocaust!).


Ada Holtzman

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