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Zalman Usiskin

I would be interested in learning about any people who came >from
either of two very small places, Malynka and Juszkowy Grod, quite
near Bialystok. Malynka is halfway between Michalowo and Zabludow.
(All the "l"s in these three places are written with a slash and
pronounced like "w".) Juszkowy Grod is 10 km southeast of Michalowo.
For most of the 19th century, these places may have been no more than
landed estates. Both Malynka and Juszkowy Grod exist today and can
be found on maps of Poland.

Here is the reason for my interest: My maternal grandfather's
parents were Libby (Leiba) GARBER [b. c1840, d. 1916, Chicago] and
Avrohom Yitzchak (Avromch'k) CUKIERMAN(sp?) [b. c1825?, d. c1900?].
Libby's father Velvel (also called Wolf and Zev) was an innkeeper in
Malynka. It is not clear that Velvel ever took a last name, for one
child took the last name ECHT, the other children took the last name
GARBER, and his descendants all called him "Velvel MARINKER", after
Malynka. Some of Avromch'k's children were born in Juszkowy Grod;
others were born in Grodek. His children took the last names

I have an extensive tree of the descendants of Velvel and might be
able to connect with any others >from these two small places or their

Zalman Usiskin
Winnetka, IL, USA

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