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BOBBY FURST <bobby1st@...>

Chaia Sore and Benjamin Dobromiewski arrived in the USA >from Bialystok
in 1885 with 8 children and within 2 days began using the surname Weisberg.
They had 3 more children in the USA. I have the 3 US birth
certificates, 11 marriage certificates, and 11 death certificates for
this family.

Here are the maiden names for Chaia Sore (Sarah in US) given on these
Benjamin, Wulinsky, Apelbaum, Farber, Weiss, Werner, Malkin, Rose.

I cannot find a JRI-Poland marriage record for Chaia Sore and Benjamin.
I cannot find an obvious birth record for Chaia Sore (about 1850) on
JRI-Poland using any of the above surnames.

Any suggestions on where to go >from here?

Bobby Furst
Redondo Beach, CA

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