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Ruben Mowszowski <journalist@...>

I am researching the wartime experience of my first cousin, the young woman
Bela BIALOSTOCKA >from Bialystok. Bela was in a party that escaped from
Bialystok Ghetto led by partisan Pesach ZDROJEWICZ and Fischer DOMP
(spelling?) . They were hidden in a Polish household in Tykocin. I am
seeking information if anyone can help on the following.

1. Any information on partisan or resistance activities of Pesach ZDROJEWICZ (using false papers as Henryk FINKIEL) >from his arrival in Bialystok Ghetto late 1941 to arrival in Tykocin mid 1943. Pesach served in Soviet partisan unit and he is thought to have been involved in the ghetto resistance.

2. Any information on the man Fischer DOMP who made it to Canada where he
was last known by the surname MILLER and lived at
2760 Darlington Place 17 p 39
Montreal 26
I would like to trace anyone who knows of him.

3. The Polish family SUDOWSKI in Tykocin hid six Jews and were executed
together with them. I believe their names are recorded in the Bialystok
Museum Archives. It is thought that the names of the Jews are also recorded.

I would like to find out. what they are.

Much appreciated

Ruben Mowszowski

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