BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland Naming the Research Group #poland


All the nominations for this Group's name are now in. The next
step is the voting.

For those who have recently joined, this group was initially named
Bialystok Region Research Group (BRRG). However, members of this
group thought that other acronyms or names would be more
suitable. So the following names and/or acronyms have been
suggested and will be voted upon now.

1. BRRG -- Bialystok Region Research Group

2. BIALY -- Bialystok Interest Association for Locating Yicchus

3. BIALY -- Bialystok Interest Ancestral Legacy Y-not

4. BIALY -- Bialystok Interest Association in the Lineage of

5. BIALY -- Beloved In A Legacy of Yesteryear

6. BIALY -- Bialystok Region Research Group (no acronym)

7. BialyRIG -- Bialystok Region Interest Group

8. BIALY -- BIAlystok Legacy & Yizkor

9. BIALYGen -- Bialystok Region Jewish Genealogy Group (no


Every member of the Discussion Group has one vote. Please vote by
sending an email to bialystoker@..., providing the number
for which you are voting (#1 through #10 above). In the subject
of your email, place the word VOTE. Your vote needs to be
received by 8 AM Houston time (Central Daylight Savings Time in
the US) on Friday, August 15 to be counted.

The winner will be decided by a simple plurality -- the name with
the greatest number of votes.

Please vote early.

Mark Halpern
Coordinator, ...

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