BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland Knyszyn, Losowska, Lozowski, Siegel, Cygan #poland

Sheila Price <roadrunnersp@...>

I am researching my mother and her parents, who came >from Knyszyn in
l913 (her father came earlier.)

The names involved are:
Rivke (?) or Dora (?) Losowska (Lowsowki, Lozowski), my grandmother, who
married Max Siegel, my grandfather. When she came through Port Huran
Mich, she gave her married name as Cygan.

Through the Business Directory, I found a Losowski doing business in
Knyszyn in l930; I can find no trace of my grandfather's family in
Knyszyn. Any information would be helpful.

Sheila Price:

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