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Earlier this month, I posted a message about Cemetery projects in
our area and described these Cemeteries as decaying day by day.
As a result, Marjorie Holden suggested that priorities be
re-examined to address these Cemeteries and the discussion has

There are two sources of information about these Cemeteries that
are readily accessible. One is the IAJGS Cemetery Project. Access
the Poland section at The other
is Tomasz Wisniewski's book JEWISH BIALYSTOK AND

In his book, Tomasz provides the following information on the
number of Matzevot.

Bialystok 1 of 5 still exists with 5-7,000 stones
Bielsk Podlaski "remains"
Bocki 2 sites: one has 1 stone, other "remains"
Bransk 200 stones
Choroszcz 1 of 2 still exists with 259 stones
Dabrowa 1 of 2 still exists with 70 stones
Drohiczyn many stones
Grodek few "relics"
Jalowka 1 of 2 still exists with several stones
Janow Sokolski 200
Jasionowka 2 sites: one has 400 stones, other few
Kleszczele "ruins"/several stones
Knyszyn 700
Korycin several
Krynki more than 3,000
Michalowo 50
Mielnik 50
Milejczyce several
Narew 70
Narewka 230
Orla 2 sites: one has none, other 40 stones
Siemiatycze none
Sokolka 1,000
Suchowola "rubble"
Suraz 10
Tykocin 450
Wasilkow 3 sites: 2 have none, other has 13stones
Zabludow 2 sites: one has none, other "fragments"

If anyone knows of any preservation activities in these
Cemeteries, please share them with the group.

In the last two years I have been to Eastern Poland twice and
have taken some photographs of the cemeteries in Bialystok,
Grodek, Krynki, Michalowo, Sokolka, and Tykocin.

I will place these photos on the Internet and provide links to
the group later today or tomorrow.

Mark Halpern

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