BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland Anyone know why there are no records of this family? #poland

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Perhaps someone whose ancestors came >from Bialystock might know why there
are no records of this family? Joseph Levine/Levin/Lewin (Yusuf) married his cousin Anna Kutkowski. After nine children including Sam Levine, Barney Levine, Michael Levine (only one born in NY Dec 1894) and Yetta Levine, who married Maurice Ain and had several children, Harry, Jack M. Ain, Barney, Benjamin Ain, etc. ...anyway. There are no record of Michael Levine's parents or brothers and sisters other than Yetta Ain who happened to be mentioned only because her son married into a family that posted the wife's family records. But nothing for Michael Levine and his family. Anyone related who kept records? Just wondering. You see, I'm Michael Levine's daughter, and since my own children married non-Jews, the grandchildren are curious since they were reared without ever being told by their parents that they had Jewish ancestors. I was also forbidden by my daughter to ever tell my grandchildren that I'm Jewish as were my parents and grandparents all the way back to Bialystock where they came >from in the 1890s to NYC.

Anyway, that's the genealogical story. I haven't had contact with my family since 1963, but I know my late brother had two children that I haven't seen since they were children. They're now in their forties. So I'd like to ask whether anyone is related to any of my relatives.

Annejoan Levine

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