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Ada Holtzman <ada01@...>

To all those who have inquired if there are lists available of prisoners
and/or victims murdered in Majdanek. The historian of the museum, Mr. Robert Kuwalek informs:

"At our archive, at Majdanek we have the lists of the prisoners but not
complete. There is "Death Book" >from 1942, and information about the deceased prisoners in 1944. The big hole is for 1943 when the big deportations >from ghetto Warsaw and ghetto Bialystok ghettos arrived to Majdanek. We have only several documents about it and no transports` lists.
If you have some names for the checking, I can do it in our archive - we have alphabetical catalogue of the names. Most of the Jewish names which we have in our archive are >from 1942."

The museum has a web site:
Inquiries can be sent to the archive:


Ada Holtzman

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