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Does anyone have any info regarding the Kruglak family. Originally >from Sokolka the family moved to Bialystok in the late 19th century and then some of them (the females) moved to the states. All the males (my grandfather and two married uncles) remained behind and were slaughtered in the Holocaust. I have scanty information such as the name of the street that my grandmother and her daughters lived on prior to the emigration (29 Lupowa). This street is not on the list of Bialystok streets. It's right downtown within a two block walk >from the bell tower.

My grandmother's maiden name was Glickman. This was a large family too. I would welcome information on this side of the family.

The names of my family members are:
Meyer Kruglak (gandfather), Dvorah Kruglak (grandmother), Avrum (or Abrasha), Chaim, Perel, Sonia (or Soreh) and Fradel. Other variations on the Kruglak name are: Krugliak, Krugljak, Kruglack etc.

Any information would be highly welcome.
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Paul Azaroff

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