Seaching for descendants or relatives of Martin WETZLER #usa


Dear Early American SIG members:

I am searching for descendants, relatives, or anyone who is acquainted
with the history of Martin WETZLER, a German-Jewish immigrant who worked
as a fraktur artist and scrivener in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in the
mid-nineteenth century. I'm sure many reading this post are familiar
with fraktur, but just in case: "fraktur" is a German term that refers
to "broken" or "fractured" script and typeface, such as what is commonly
referred to as Gothic or Old English. The Pennsylvania German use of
term is broader: for them, it refers to illustrated works recording
baptisms and weddings, as well as house blessings, family registries,

There were at least a handful of German-Jewish fraktur artists in
nineteenth-century Pennsylvania; Martin WETZLER was the most prolific
and best known.

Should a descendant or relative of the talented Mr. WETZLER be a member
of GerSig, I'd be enormously grateful to hear >from her or him. As noted
in an earlier e-mail, I am (among other things) a doctoral student
working to examine and document the encounter between Ashkenazi Jews and
Pennsylvania Germans in the so-called "Pennsylvania Dutch Country" from
the eighteenth through early-twentieth centuries.

With thanks for your attention, Matt Singer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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