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I do not have any specific information, but I would like to
direct you and others to two very good sources for research of
ancestors >from BIALYGen area towns and their organizations in New

The JGS of New York City [] has two
databases of value:

1. 10,200 Burial Societies In The New York Metro Area, a database
which is searchable by town name or keyword. I searched this
database for Tykocin burial societies, went to Old Montefiore and
walked the plot. Found an interesting name (same as my great
great grandfather) and was able to find an entire branch of my
family living in Long Island, Florida, and Israel.

2. New York Landsmanshaftn and Other Jewish Organizations, a
database of lists of Landmanschaften >from various sources. Check
out American Jewish Year Book 1907-1908, New York City
Congregations and Works Progress Administration (WPA) Yiddish
Writer's Group Study (1938) for "Congregation Mogen David Anshei
Choroszcz." Maybe these references can give you some direction.

I have heard that the State Insurance department may have
information about organizations like burial societies that become

Mark Halpern
Mark-For those of us who are not in New York City area, how would we go about
finding family? My family also came >from Tykocin. Bayside and Montefiore
are listed as having Tykocin sections. Would any New York area researcher be
kind enough to search for graves that mentioned Waniewski/Waniewska,
Wyrzykiewicz, Grotzki (Ragrotzki)>Gold while they were searching for their own family
members? Please contact me privately.

Thank you.

Robin B. Seidenberg


BRENNER, ERLICHMAN-Kamenets Podolskiy area (Zinkov, Proskurov, etc.)

BOGOSLOWSKY-Stavisht, Kiev, Ekaterinoslav

WANIEWSKI, WYRZYKIEWICZ- Bialystok-Tykocin area (Lomza gubernia)

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