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Dear Avigdor:

BIALYGen has defined its geographic scope as those towns and
villages currently in Poland that were part of Grodno Gubernia
during the period >from 1815 up to World War I. In addition, a
few border towns now in Poland with strong connections to
Bialystok will be included.

Although Lapy was previously in Grodno Gubernia, Sokoly was part
of Lomza Gubernia. As Sokoly is an important border town, it will
be included in the BIALYGen scope along with other important
border towns like Tykocin and Ciechanowiec.

So why has Sokoly not been listed in the BIALYGen Infofile at BIALYGen
does not yet have a website. JewishGen was nice enough to create
an InfoFile for BIALYGen, but at this time, we do not have the
ability to make frequent changes.

If anyone with HTML and web design skills is willing to dedicate
significant time to help BIALYGen create a website, please
contact me privately.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
At the second meeting of the BialyGen group in July, I was told
that Sokoly
would be added to the list of towns. So far I do not see it on
the Net.
Coordinates for Sokoly 52-59 and 22-42 and the town is near
Lapy (and not so
far >from Bialystok.)
Is there a reason not to include it?

Avigdor Ben-Dov
Special Projects Director
Yad LeZehava Holocaust Research Institute
Kedumim, Israel

now living in Jerusalem
and researching Sokoly, Tikocyn, Zambrow, Zabludow, Lomza, and

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