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Good day.

I am searching for information on:

Catherine STELLY/STAEHLE of St. Martinville, LA, daughter of Johann
Jean-Georges STEHLE/ECHSTELLY >from Wagen Wutemberg, Germany (1693).
She married Michel CORMIER.

Johann Stehle had married into this family:

Marie Christine HILMAN-EDELMAYER (NEW ORLEANS 1721), daughter of
Johann Hans Jean ADAM EDELMAYER??? (Reihem, Palatinate, Germany-1669)
and possibly Anna HEIME KLEIN (Weilersham, Alsace, France).

Johann Hans Adam EDELMAYER?, son of Abraham LEMAIRE (Mulhouse, Alsace,
FR -1630) and Verrena HIRTZER (Zurich). Abraham came >from Bernard
LEONHARDT (Mulhouse, Alsace-1600) and Ann CUNEGONDE HEILMANN
(Steinsfurt), daughter of Heinrich HIRTZEL (Reihan).

I am trying to find out why they left Europe and if they were Jewish.

Are names like "Adam" or "Cunegonde" or "Heime" their mother's names
or middle names? Not knowing German- I am confused.

Thank you! -- Heather Straube (City ? State ? )

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