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Greg Stone <gstone@...>


I'm at the very beginning of genealogical research into my father's

My great-grandfather Morris (Maurie) Hirsh Stone (Stein) lists his
birthplace as Bialystok, Russia on February 8, 1850. He lists his
father, my great-great-grandfather, as Gershin (Gerchin?) Lieb Stein.

Morris Stone's wife, Minnie's maiden name is listed as Katz, born
Bialystok, Russia on October 15, 1852 or in January 1855. Her father
is listed as Dov Lieb.

Morris & Minnie Stone (Stein) had one son, Benjamin who was born in
Russia in May 1875 and are relocated in St. Louis, Missouri, USA where
I live, before the next son, Gerchin, was born in February 1877.

I list this information just in case someone on list already has a
connection to and information about them.

I'm gratified to find this list and to see how much information is
actually available that could pertain to my search.


Greg Stone

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