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Marie Wohadlo <mwohadlo@...>

I am hoping someone out there might offer some advice on how I might be
information on anyone with the surname WACHADLO (with the Polish hooked-A
and barred-L), including those >from Bialystok. At this url:

There, I found two people, MATA and SIPA , with one variation on the
spelling (WAHADLO). They were transferred >from Bialystok prison to Stutthof
on November 21, 1943. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I have located
records on other WACHADLOs in and around Pustkow, Galicia in the 18th-19th
centuries, and a current internet search shows at least one Wachadlo today
in or around Bialystok -- a soccer player, I believe. (I know very little
Polish.) If someone who knows Polish might consider communicating with that
person on my behalf, I would be grateful. Thank you.

---Marie Wohadlo in Chicago, IL, USA

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