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Please tell me about the book Bialystok mentioned in this email. My
father was >from Bialystok, but his parents and sister did not come to
America. We don't know for sure, but they must have been lost in the

My son and I went to Bialystok two years ago, but there was very little
for us to research.

Martin Gold

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I haven't had any luck so far finding ANY Steins in Bialystok. The lack of
success so far has me thinking that there were few Steins there and so, when
I do find them, they are more likely to be relatives.

In going through "Bialystok", a 1951 book containing 1200 pictures, I may
have found some Stein Bialystokers in the United States. On page 182, Morris
Stein is noted as a leader of "AHAVATH ACHIM", as an officer and/or director
of the Bialystoker Center and as having died in 1943. On page 227, 236 & 237
there are pictures of Mary Stein who was involved in the Ladies Aid Society
and the Home for the Aged.

I hit the jackpot on page 293 in a picture labeled "Four Generations of
Landsleit" are Mrs. Gelman (great grandmother), Samuel Stein (grandfather),
Morris E. Stone (father?? Not labeled), and Sharon Ann Stein (great

Does anyone have information on this family? If the paternal side comes from
Bialystok they may well be relatives.

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