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Robert <robert@...>

My name is Robert Roosenstein, I'm living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Europe and trying to find my ancient ancestors.

So far I'm stuck in the North of Holland at the end of the 18th century -
1780. The Rosensteins / Rozensztejn ancestors I'm looking for left their
region (Augustow) one or two generations before. Also we know that they
first landed in Germany - in the west. They probably were craftsmen - in
the clothing or cloth business, or shoemakers. They were well known for a
special hat design - later used for shippers and still quite a famous hat
today in Holland - although the Roosenstein family stopped producing them
in the 1950's.

If any of you have any information related to these Rosensteins, please
send it privately.

Warm regards,

Robert Roosenstein
The Netherlands

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