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Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>

I assume you know that the Rabbi was called Aisel Harif but that his
real name was Rabbi Yehoshua Aisek ben Yehiel Shapira.

He was well known. I think he was born in the early 1800's and died late
1800's. He is known as the Rabbi of Slonim. I was not aware that he was
ever a Rabbi in Bialystok but of course that's possible. He was
considered one of the great scholars of his time and built up the Slonim
Yeshiva. He was also active politically against certain decrees of the
czarist regime. I think there were some books written about him.

Tilford Bartman

Ruth Cohen Harif wrote:

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my grandfather of my g randmother - ok- was a very famous rabbi who
also served in bialystock for a while. he was called Rabbi Aisel Harif

any info any help please

shalom ruth jerusalem

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