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Tilford Bartman tells us that Rabbi Aisel Harif is Rebbe Yehoshua
Shapira. In his chronicle of the Jewish history of Bialystok -- PINKOS
BIALYSTOK -- A.S. Hershberg includes a chapter about the first Rabbis of
Bialystok and covers Rebbe Shapira.

This two volume history of Jewish Bialystok is written in Yiddish.
BIALYGen is now in the process of having the Tables of Contents
translated to English. After this is completed, a JewishGen Yizkor Book
project will be started to translate Chapters of this book. The Yizkor
Book project will need to raise funds to translate Chapters and the
Chapter on the First Rabbi's of Bialystok will need a sponsor. We do not
yet have any estimates of the funds needed, but if you are interested in
sponsoring the translation of this chapter, please contact me privately.

If you are interested in finding a copy of this book, please refer to, which
will lead you to the Libraries where a copy of this book can be found.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

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my grandfather of my g randmother - ok- was a very famous rabbi who
served in bialystock for a while. he was called Rabbi Aisel Harif

any info any help please

shalom ruth jerusalem

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