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Edna Hoover

Did this R' Yehoshua Aisik ben Yehiel Shapira of Slonim & Bialystok, or any
members of his family, migrate to Palestine in the mid to late 1800's? Our
MOHILEVER Bialystok branch, shows 2 marriages for R' Shmuel Mohilever. One
with Shapira and one with Jaffe. The family settled in Safed and then moved
on to Jerusalem. Here's what this branch might look like based on the
information I have so far:

1. Not Known MOHILEVER
sp: Not Known
+-2. R' Yehudah-Judah Leib-Loeb MOHILEVER (b.Bef 1809)
sp: Not Known
|-3. R' Shmu'el MOHILEVER (b.1824-Vilna,Lithuania d.1898)
| sp: Not Known JAFFE
| |-4. Haya MOHILEVER (b.Between 1839-45)
| | sp: Naftali Yitshak Ha-Levi ROHALD (b.1824-Brisk,Belarus
| |-4. Not Known MOHILEVER (b.Bef 1870-Poland)
| | sp: Not Known
| |-4. Hersch Wolf MOHLIWER (b.Bef 1876-Poland)
| | sp: Not Known
| sp: Not Known SHAPIRA (b.Bef 1860)
| +-4. Not Known MOHILEVER (b.Bef 1875-Poland)
| sp: Not Known
+-3. Yokheved MOHILEVER (b.Bef 1851)
sp: Leib KARASIK
|-4. Haye Rashe KARASIK (b.1866-Chotimsk d.Mar 8 1934)
| sp: Mordechai ROSE (b.Abt 1861 d.Jun 3 1958)
sp: Not Known SHOMERON
+-4. Leopold SHOMERON
Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

"Edna Hoover"
B'klyn NY
JGFF Researcher # 66736

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