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Dear Friends:

Many of you know that the ca. 1652 Synagogue in Tykocin is now a Judaica
Museum operated by the Podlaskie (Provincial) Museum authority. For more
information about the Synagogue, please see The Tykocin Museum has been very
kind to BIALYGen and has shared, and will continue to share, information
of value to our members. One example is the 1905 Tykocin Jewish property
tax list, which was provided by the Museum, has been transliterated, and
will be online in the near future.

The Museum is now preparing an exhibit concerning Tykocin Jewish life
between the wars (1918-1939) and before. They have requested BIALYGen to
provide photos, documents, and other memorabilia for this exhibit. If
you have such materials, please contact me privately and we can discuss
the loan or copying of materials for this exhibit.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator
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