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Hello Mark,

Here goes a translation of the BENN expo webpage. :

from the 6th to the 13th October 2005 "BIBLE NEUILLY" [organisation
that links Jewish and Christian communities of Neuilly] presented, in
partnership with the city of Neuilly sur Seine [and the organisation
"Les Amis de Benn et Ghera"]

EXPOSITION : 29 paintings inspired by psalms

Benn was a painter of Russian origin. He came to Paris in 1930 and
joined the "School of Paris", which was made up of foreign painters
(Chagall, Soutine, Kisling, Modigliani...), notably Jews fleeing
persecution. It is while hidden during the occupation years that he
had his first "visions" of psalms.

The painter Benn transcends appearance. He brings out the sense of
psalmist verses and brings us along with a flap of a wing... or a
stroke of a brush... towards mystery.

Nearly 1500 visiteurs (including 833 schoolchildren who enjoyed specific
activities) could discover or rediscover the work of the painter Benn
thanks to these 29 illustrated psalms.

all the best,


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