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Karyn Posner-Mullen <kpm555@...>

Dear BialyGen readers:

I am a new reader on the site and am lookiing forward to meeting as many of
you as possible this summer in New York.

My name is Karyn Posner, but I learned about 2 years ago that my family had
emigrated >from Bialystok to New York in about 1904-05 and that my name is
actually Poznanski. My paternal grandfather, Jacob Posner (Poznanski) was
one of 12 siblings -- 6 brothers and 6 sisters. I have a sketchy family
tree, and found one of his sisters, Rosa Poznanski, emigrated on the ship
ROTTERDAM on Aug 30, 1904. It would be wonderful to know if any of you have
Posner or Poznanski in your own family trees.

I've had a very interesting time researching all this, as I currently live
in Budapest, Hungary (I am an American diplomat at the Embassy), and being
in Central Europe has made it very easy for me to get to Poznan, Lodz,
Warsaw and, of course, Bialystok -- the latter several times. I have been
in touch with Mark Halpern, who has been wonderful, as well as met with Lucy
several times. She is the Bialystoker who is working hard to rehabiliate
the cemetery there, as well as make sure the City remembers its Jewish
citizens. I participated in the very moving ceremony that Bialystok
held on Aug 16, 2005 to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the ghetto
uprising. Lucy was very involved in making that happen.

I wish all of you Shanah Tovah!

Karyn Posner

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