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About a year ago I saw a notice that the Belarus State Archives in
Grodno has Russian Revision Lists for Bialystok, Bielsk, and Sokolka
Uyezds of Grodno Gubernia, which covers all the towns in our region
that was once in Grodno Gubernia.

The Belarus SIG has an inventory of these records. I checked in this
inventory and saw that the Revision List for Siemiatycze was included in
the collection. As I understand it, this collection has not been either
translated or indexed. Have any researchers had any success in accessing
any of these records?

Joan Moskowitz Goldstein
Jerusalem, Israel (formerly New York City)
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Researching descendants of :
GUTMAN, BASCH of Siemiatycze of Bialystok Gubernia (now Poland).
MORSCHOVITZ, RABINOWITZ of Glazmanka (Gostini) Vitebsk Gubernia
(now Latvia).

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