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It is difficult to find out the fate of your family who perished in the
Holocaust. Most victims >from Bialystok perished in Treblinka or were
shot and buried in mass graves. No records exist for either. Majdanek
Concentration Camp has surviving records. Maybe someone else can help
you find those records.

When you are in Bialystok, I suggest you visit Muzeum Historyczne w
Bialystoku (Historical Museum of City of Bialystok) at ul. Warszawska
37. They have old maps of the city that may help you identify where
Zamenhofa 27 was located and may have records that will identify their
business. I do not think the people there speak English, so you will
need a translator. This Museum happens to be located in the Cytron
mansion. The Jewish Cytron family was the most prosperous textile
manufacturers and merchants in the area.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

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I will be visiting Poland in 9 months and am specifically trying to
find out what happened to my family who were living in Bialystok in

I have an address and I think a last name- Walicki, 27 Zamenhofa.
If anyone is familiar with the city and can point me in the right
direction I would appreciate it.


Batya Dashefsky

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