BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland Bialystok USC:Advice needed to get Marriage Record #poland


I tried my best to compose a letter in Polish using a Polish writing
guide. I am hoping to get a copy of my Grandparents' marriage record
from Bialystok USC. My Grandparents, Leizer ALK, and Reizel
KAFLOWIC(T)Z were married on 9/22/191, in Bialystok. Is there a kind
Genner who has written to the Bialystok USC in the past, and might be
willing to review my letter to see if it is done correctly? I would
email my letter to anyone willing to review it for me. I would also
like to verify the address for the Bialystok USC to ensure that I
would be sending my letter to the correct office.

Thank you and please respond privately,
Barbara Meyers
Researching ALK, KALFOWIC(T)Z >from Bialystok

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