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Hello John

I visited Bialystok 2 years ago and there weren't Jews living in the city,
so yiddish is not spoken there.

English is very little spoken by Bialystokers, anyway you will find at
your hotel clerks at the front desk who speaks english and some other

In the city I visited a Tourist information Office were I found English
speaking employees and English brochures.

I was waited for a half day individual "jewish life in Bialystok" by a non
jew Polish, english spiking guide, so she showed me the former jewish life
in bialystok and answered me many practical questions about the city. I
bought this half a day tour throu my travel agency in Buenos Aires.
Bialystok is a city to be walked, its nice and easy to do it.

Good luck,

Visit >
for Bialystok Official Portal in English


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Subject: Visit to Bialystok
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Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 03:29:43 +0000
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My family left Bialystok for England and America in the 1880s. Do any
records for Bialystok at this time and earlier still exist?

I'll be in Bialystok this summer for a few days, and am reading the book
Jewish Bialystok by Tomasz Wisniewski. Any advice on Bialystok would be
appreciated. I do not know Polish, Russian, or Yiddish.

Thank you,

John Goodman

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