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Dear George:

JRI-Poland has indexed all the available Tykocin records
from 1868 through 1900. These are searchable at the
JRI-Poland website at and click on Search
database. All available records >from 1826 through 1867 will
soon be indexed and will be placed online in the future.

I have personally visited the Tykocin Museum and asked the
Museum director for historical information about the Jews of
Tykocin. In return, they provided a 1905 Property Tax list
for Jews, which is being translated, and a few other minor

Other than the records listed on Miriam Weiner's Routes to
Roots Foundation Archive Database at,
there just may not be any other Jewish records of Tykocin.

Descendants of Tykocin Jews are fortunate to have a wealth
of civil records available -- all of which are being indexed
by JRI-Poland.

Mark Halpern
BialyGen Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
I've just started looking for records of the Avram
Olstein (Olsztejn) family in Tykocin/Bialystok. I
didn't get many hits for ANY Olsztejns in JRI-Poland

Anyone know if the Tykocin synagogue has records & is
anyone translating/indexing them?

George Alan Cabat
San Antonio, TX, USA

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