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Aline and all Bialystokers:

BIALYGen has been working with The Bialystoker Center in New
York. Our first project was to gain permission >from The
Center to publish the English part of The Bialystoker
Memorial Book (published in 1982) on the Internet. Thanks to
Ada Holtzman, the full English section of The Bialystoker
Memorial Book can be found on the Zchor website at

In addition, thanks to David Rosen and Sid Zabludoff,
BIALYGen had created a surname index to this Book, which can
be found on the BIALYGen website at

BIALYGen, thanks to Kathryn Wallach, has created a surname
index to the 1951 Bialystok Photo Album, which can be found

Lastly, BIALYGen is sponsoring a JewishGen Yizkor Book
project to translate Pinkos Bialystok, Abraham Hershberg's
definitive history of the Jewish Community of Bialystok from
its beginnings through to the period before World War II.
Information on this project can be found at

In the Introduction of Volume I is a section entitled
"Professor Moscicki's Polish Monograph about Bialystok."
MOSCICKI in Polish is pronounced M-O-S-H-I-T-S-K-I.
Translation of this section of the Introduction may be
useful to Aline's research.

As a reminder, we need your support to translate this very
important work >from Yiddish to English. Translation will be
a Mitzvah to all Bialystokers interested in the Jewish
history of their ancestral town. Please consider making a
contribution to this project or volunteering to translate a
section or sections of this Book. Information on how to
contribute and links to the Table of Contents can be found

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
Dear All. fellow researchers,

Would anyone have an electronic copy of the Bialystoker
Yizkor Book?
I have a hard copy, but would appreciate help in locating
the names
MACZYCKI / MOSHITSKI as well as BRAMS throughout the book.
Thank you very very much in advance!

Aline Lambert
New York

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