BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland R' Shmuel ben Yehudah Leib (Judah Loeb) Mohilever #poland

Edna Hoover

Mark Halpern just notified the Bialystok SIG List of your new online
cemetery information. Slide # 5 reads: "Ohel memorializes famous Rabbi
Halperin >from Bialystok...Nearby stood ohel of famous Rabbi Shmuel

We are a group of descendants of R' Shmuel Mohilever & his sister,
Yocheved. We are working on connecting our family trees and would
really appreciate any details you might have on any surrounding
Mohilever-Moholiver-Mogilever-Mohlewer family graves. Associated
families are Shapiro & Jaffe-Yoffe. We are also trying to determine
whether the family were Cohanim or Leviim.

Thank you for your help!

"Edna Hoover"
JGFF Researcher # 66736
Brooklyn NY

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