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I am currently attempting to research my father's family. Unfortunately,
my father and his several siblings are gone, and my cousins have no
interest in geneology.

After many frustrating years of dead-ends, I believe that these Wieners,
Wajners, Wejners, Vajners, or Vejners are sourced to the Bialystok area.
My grandfather's name was Heyman or Hyman in English. He arrived in
NYC >from Bialystok via England between 1903-1904, even though doesn't have them listed (I think that some of the
1903-1904 manifest records are lost).

He and my grandmother, Rachel Lefcoff (Laskow?) Wiener, settled in
Newark, NJ >from 1910 until his death in 1933. I believe that he was
born in the Bialystok area in 1868. His father, my grandfather, was
listed as "Wolf Wiener" on my grandfather's death certificate, which I
recently located >from NJ State Archives. I would imagine that Wolf
was born in the 1830's or 1840's.

Do I need to go to the Polish national archives for more information?
I will do so, but I thought that I would post this first. Thanks for
any help.


Frank Wiener
Princeton NJ

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Jewish records >from Bialystok and many surrounding
communities for most of the 19th century have been indexed and are
searchable in the database of Jewish Records Indexing-Poland at To focus your search effectively, you can enter
the geographical coordinates for Bialystok --53 08 /23 09 -- and
search in a radius of, for example, 60 miles, to get possible family
members >from Bialystok and surrounding villages.

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