BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland Translation of both Yiddish and Russian needed for Death Record #poland

Barbara Meyers

I have received a death record for someone who may belong on my family's
tree. I have been informed that the information appears in both Yiddish
and Russian. Is there someone who is willing to try and translate this
record for me?

I need the translation of this death record for a female, possibly Dina
or Mina, surname something like KOPELOVITCH.

Viemate 8615 appears to be written in Yiddish, 8616 appears to be written
in Russian. I am assuming the information in both is the same. If these
copies are not large enough, kindly contact me privately (as well as for
translations) and I will be happy to enlarge them, darken them, whatever
it takes to aid you in assisting me with the contents.

Thanks so very much and again, please respond privately,
Barbara Meyers

Researching ALK, KAFLOWITZ >from Russia, Poland, anywhere

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