BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland Info Needed on Siemiatycze Street Address: Ulitza Polska 20 #poland

Sheldon Rabin

I am trying to track down any information possible on an address in
Siemiatycze, where my grandfather, Louis Sotnick, lived until emigrating
to the US and Brooklyn in 1912. The address is Ulitza Polska 20.

I've identified a few maps online that contain some street
designations, but they are mostly >from modern day Siemiatycze and contain
relatively little detail. Six months ago I wrote to the Siemiatycze city
government, asking for their help, at the least hoping they could advise
me in which section of the city this street exists, or existed a century
ago. So far, no reply.

I am at a dead end, and am asking Bialygeners if they have some info
on the address, or perhaps can point me in the right direction.


Sheldon Rabin
Aurora, Illinois

Siemiatycze: Sotnick
Rozwadow: Rebensaft

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