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Bialystok Region

Dear Genners A recent JewishGen blog announced that an INFOFILE was being
developed for Genners interested in finding a for-fee researcher familiar
with Jewish genealogical resources in eastern-Europe. This INFOFILE can
now be viewed on and
while it is not an official list of JewishGen recommendations, Genners
might still wish to consult it to see what various eastern Europe SIG
members had to say about any positive experiences they had with these
researchers during the past 5 years. The current INFOFILE is based on
inputs received >from several, but not all, eastern European SIGs and we
would now like to expand this resource to cover experiences of members
of the Bialystok Region SIG. Remaining eastern Europe SIGs will also
be added ASAP.

So, if you=92ve had experiences, as described above, particularly with
those living in Eastern Europe (which is different >from the list of
professional researchers at please send me (Peter Haas) an
e-mail right now. Don't worry about any details at this point. You'll
have time later on. All I need to know now is that you are a resource.

In the e-mail that I referred to above, please address it to me (Peter
Haas) at: ppeett@... give it a 'Subject' (for example, 'For-
Fee" Researcher) and remember that initially I don't need any detAILA
ails, so in the body of the e-mail you don't really have to say much of
anything. Upon receipt I will then simply click on reply and attach a
short, simple Questionnaire and instructions that will guide you through
the rest. Should you have any questions however, please send me a separate

In the meantime please accept my thanks for reading this and note thaT
with your help we can make and improve this INFOFILE into a truly
valuable resource.

Peter Haas----Northern California (ppeett@...) =20

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