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Rachelle Berliner <rlberliner@...>

In the past I have been successful in finding such records for Przasnysz,
PO. However, my dad came >from Swislowitz/Sislevitz/Swislotz/Grodno Gubernia
Volkyvysk, Russia. This area is now in Belarus. However, I have searched
everywhere I know to search in the databases for records of birth, marriage
and death using the surname LIEBERMAN. My grandfather was Samson/Shimshon
and my grandmother was Alta Neome AIN LIEBERMAN.

My dad, Shmuel Yishaiyah/Samuel Isiah, was born in 1887. His brothers -
Moise/Morris was born in 1891 and Mendel/Max was born in 1893. If I can find
their births, perhaps I can find the births of their 2 sisters who stayed
behind to be with their parents.

Can someone please answer privately and direct me to the proper search
pattern for this information? I would be most grateful.

Marietta, GA, U.S.A.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Information about search resources for towns in
the Bialystok area may be shared with the list.

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