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Aimee Shulman <hikari_no_makoto@...>

I have just begun trying to find out information about my great
grandparents and their family/families; according to my father and uncle
the great grandparents came to the US >from Bialystok around 1918, but they
changed their name when they came here (to Shevitz); their original Polish
name, which my uncle told me he had never seen written out, only heard
spoken, was pronounced like Kataszewski (this was my great grandfather's
family name; I don't know what my great grandmother's maiden name was.)

Now, I have been looking into this a little and I haven't found any
records bearing the name Kataszewski, or any of the variant spellings
with similar pronunciation, >from Bialystok; however, I have found quite
a number with similar names >from Lodz; most of these records were >from
the 1940's, so I am wondering if the family perhaps relocated to Lodz
at some point after my great grandparents left.

If anyone knows anything about a Kataszewski/Katuszewski/Katoszewski
family which left Bialystok for Lodz, or anything about a
Kataszewski/Katuszewski/Katoszewski family in Bialystok,I'd appreciate
your sharing it; I haven't got much to go on right now.

Aimee Shulman

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