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Ada Holtzman

Invitation to:
"Searching for Memory and Dialogue" International Academic Conference
Tel Aviv-Yehud-Jerusalem, 15-17 November 2010

The program in details is available in Hebrew at:

The web site of the partner is down and I hope it is only a temporary
The English program:

from the message by one of the organisers:

"Ladies and gentlemen, sons and daughters of Bialystok:

I am a resident of Bialystok; I am Polish. I am representing the academic
community of my town, the President of the Michel de Montaigne
Polish-French Foundation of New Democratic Practices and the Institute
of Cultural Heritage Research of East Europe Jewry.

Over a period of a few years, I have been searching for you; I have
travelled all through the world, searching for you. Where are you, the Jews
of Bialystok?

I am walking over your paths in the town, listening to the voices of the
past which tell about the great Jewish culture and about the disaster of
the Holocaust which took place on the grounds of Bialystok.

The burned-down great synagogue, in which two thousand Jews were burned
alive, the ghetto where until now there are buildings that survived, silent
witnesses of your calamity; ancient cemeteries with tombstones bending over
more and more, the cemeteries of the Bialystok ghetto, the graves of the
rebels, Mordechai Tenenbaum, the memory of the great revolt, and the tragic
love of Bronka Kliwanski...

Without you, Bialystok is a wounded town, a town in which history was
connected to the Polish and Jewish culture. That is why we built in
Bialystok the Institute of Cultural Heritage Research of East Europe Jewry,
whose aim is to preserve the memory of the Jewish culture of our town.

We thank you for your assistance and participation in this convention. I
wish to convey my feelings of friendship and honor and to thank all my
friends and all those that assisted in promoting the memory of East
European Jewry."

Ada Holtzman

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