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Dick Plotz <Dick@...>

The JewishGen LostNFound desk, which was largely inactive for the last
few years, is up and running again. Below is a description of
LostNFound's services and needs >from the LostNFound Coordinator,
Marian Price.

Dick Plotz
Manager of Mailing Lists, JewishGen

1. LostNFound is a volunteer service of JewishGen to connect a genner
with another genner whose e-mail has bounced or who is not answering
e-mails. We will try to update the "lost" genner's address.

2. When you make your request, please put the person's name or
JewishGen ID # in the subject line of your e-mail ("seeking Josef
Levy" or "seeking JGID# XXXX"). Send your request to
lostnfound@.... Spelling is important or the person
may not be found in JewishGen's database.

3. JewishGen has a privacy policy that prevents us >from revealing
someone's e-mail address or any other identifying information. You
give your permission to reveal your name and e-mail address to the
person you are seeking when you make a request through LostNFound
(otherwise there is no way to link you to the person you seek). If we
find your genner, it would be nice if you donate to JewishGen.

4. If you know of a genner who has died, please report this to
LostNFound. If you have a link to an obituary, please send it. We
will follow up and mark their profile RD (researcher deceased).

5. If you live outside the United States, we need volunteers to make
phone calls to lost genners in other countries. When a request comes,
you would be sent the information we have on that person (street
address and phone).

Marian Price
Coordinator, JewishGen LostNFound

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