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Sandra Newman <savtasandra@...>

Does anyone have any information about a family called Mashitsky who lived
in Bialystok in the 1800's. The head of the family was Israel Benjamin and
he had several children, married to Annie/Hannah nee Rosenbloom or
Rosenberg who also had a sister called Ada who was actually Israel
Benjamin's first wife with whom he had 2 daughters. Israel, Annie and all
the children emigrated to Manchester, England in the late 1880's. The name
could have been spelt in different ways eg. Moshetsky, Moshetski, Mashetzki.

He was I think a Rabbi and possibly a teacher in the Bialystok Talmud Torah
and may have taught in the yeshiva there also. I would also like to find out
about any of their ancestors eg. parents grandparents or siblings.

Many thanks
Sandra Newman

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