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Karen Wyman

RE: Assistance locating original surname for SHAW and ROSIN

I have hit a brick wall in my research and am looking for guidance >from
the group.
I cannot locate the original family name nor naturalization,
immigration or manifest records for any of the immediate family and was
hoping for some ideas

Family name: SHAW and ROSIN

It is family understanding that the original name was possibly ROSHAWSKY
or ROSHAF but no one has any documentation or firm recollection, >from
which to verify.

Two brothers came independently and settled in the US:
Simon (Samuel) SHAW immigrated >from VARENA (ORANY) or VILNIUS, Lithuania
c 1906 per census records. His wife (Lena KREINER) and 3 sons (Saul,
Jacob and Frank) immigrated c. 1909. I have verified >from census records
that they lived in Webster, MA (1910); Paterson, NJ; and then split to
Brooklyn, NY and LI, NY.

Simon's brother Nathan, it is believed immigrated c. 1920 and took a
different Americanized name: ROSIN (I found potential documentation that
shows Nathan may have come >from BIALYSTOK or GRODNO. Married Rose and
settled in Paterson, NJ.

Any guidance anyone can offer with locating the naturalization papers
(possibly in MA, NY or NJ) or manifest info, or another way to locate
the original name, would be most welcome! I have tried through several
online databases with no success.

Most sincerely and with thanks,
Karen Wyman
Cleveland, OH, USA

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