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Lisa Cohn

Hi, Just joined this's my puzzle:=0AI've been researching
my mother's side and hopefully finding a way through a brick wall to

The family: Abraham Swoff (b 7/1859), son of Yehuda Leib Swoff,
married Celia Weiner (b.1873). Abraham Swoff immigrated to New York
about 1887, with Celia and their son Beryl/Barnett following in 1889.
As far as we knew, Abraham and Celia Swoff were >from Zagare, Lithuania
and immigrated via Belgium.

I recently noticed that in one of the census records, Celia's brother,
Morris Weiner, was staying with them and his birthplace was given as
Bialystok, Poland. Browsing through the database on Poland in Jewishgen,
I noticed quite a few names that sounded similar to Swoff/Zwoffe in
Poland. So, I'm wondering if I'll finally be able to find out a little
more about the Weiner-Swoff family before they lived in Zagare.

Any advice on how to continue would be appreciated as I'm new to
Polish genealogy.

Lisa Cohn, USA, NJ
WEINER-SWOFF - Poland, Zagare (Lithuania) LITMAN-COHN - Romania
(Novoselitsa, Botosani)

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