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Hi I wanted to say thanks for having this forum for the towns in Poland.

My descendants are my mother's mother's mother's side of the family.My
great grandmother beckie or Rebecca Rosenthal (married name Goldstein )
came >from a family of 9 siblings and her parents were harry Rosenthal
( harry's sister dora :married name laskey)( harry's father's name Joseph)
and sarah e. cohen (surname) Sarah's father's name was Samuel Cohen.

My great grand father hyman Goldstein had two brothers William and Jacob.
Harry Rosenthal immigrated >from tykocin to become a produce peddler in the
streets of Chicago. Hyman Goldstein harry's son in law became a real estate
broker,owned real estate and operated a real estate firm in Chicago.
Both harry died in Chicago in 1945 and spouse sarah e. died in 1951.
Hyman harry's son in law died in 1963 and his wife died in 1971.

from all this research I now have contact with a third cousin a descendant
of the eldest son of harry. This third cousin in researching all nine of
the siblings and got a hold of our great great grandfather harry's birth
cert.,but it's in cryllic or Russian and if anyone out there can tell me
where one can get Russian translated locally in southeast Wisconsin please
let me know.I just would love to get a hold of marriage, wedding any death
related to both families that lived in tykocin >from 1856 to 1905 then
immigrated to Chicago.


MODERATOR'S NOTE: If you scan the Cyrillic birth record and upload it
to JewishGen's Viewmate ( and then
post a translation request on this or other discussion lists, you should
find researchers to translate it for you.

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