BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland searching for Tikotsky family in Krynki #poland

Dee Seligman <deesel91@...>

I am looking for more information on the Tikotsky family who lived in
shtetl Krinki >from 1827-1849 and >from 1874 to 1875. We don't know
where the family lived between these periods. I cannot find any shtetl
site on Krinki in Jewish Gen. If you are researching this family,
please let me know!

Relevant names: Movsha Tikotsky, son of Morduch.

Movsha's wife: Chaya-Sora
Daughters:Sheyna-Liba and Fedya
Sons: Tsalka; Mendel.

Mendel Tikotsky, son of Movsha Tikotsky.

Mendel's wife: Idel
Daughters: Zislya-Chaya; Fredya; Devyra.
Sons: Movsha; Itzko; Chaim

Much appreciation!
Dee Seligman

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