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Mark Halpern

Dear Fellow Bialystokers:

Did you know that there is a Yizkor Book project for Bialystok? This
project has been going on for a number of years. Only recently have we
identified a very proficient and committed translator of both Yiddish
and Hebrew who is now translating for us.

This project is for translation of Pinkos Bialystok (The Chronicle of
Bialystok) by A.S. Hershberg. This is not your usual Yizkor Book. This
is actually a two volume History of the Jews of Bialystok that
chronicles our history >from its beginnings up to the 1930s. The author
perished in the Bialystok Ghetto, but he was able to send his Yiddish
manuscript to his son in New York. The two volume history was published
in New York after World War Two.

You will find a full table of contents at If you scroll
down, you will notice that Volume I, Chapters 2 and 6 are now complete
as a result of our new translator. Names indexes to both volumes can be
found at

It is you, Bialystok researchers, who drive this translation project. We
need your contributions to be able to continue the translation of these
books. No contribnution is too small. Find a Chapter or Section that is
of interest to you or that contains the names of your ancestors and make
a contribution. To sponsor an entire Section or Chapter will cost $30 US
per page. By sponsoring a Chapter or Section, you will not only support
your own research, but help our community of Bialystokers gain a better
understanding of our history.

Contributions can be made through JewishGen-erosity at
Use the sixth project "Bialystok, Poland - Yizkor Book" for your

If you would like to sponsor an entire section or chapter, please let me
know which section or chapter and the amount of your contribution. I
will make sure that your section or chapter gets translated in a prompt
manner. Contact me at with your sponsorship or with any
questions you may have.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Halpern
Bialystok Yizkor Book Project Coordinator

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