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Mark Halpern

Dear Bialystokers:

Just last week I was in Bialystok after the IAJGS Conference and saw
first hand the efforts of these volunteers to restore our Cemetery and
document the existing Matzevot. Josh and Amy Degen, Lucy Lisowska, Heidi
Szpek and all the volunteers deserve our eternal thanks and Yasher Koach
for their efforts on our behalf. To see more about the 2018 restoration,
they have a Facebook page at Below is a message >from
Josh Degen, who leads the Bialystok Cemetery Restoration Fund.

Mark Halpern

"We wrapped up this year's work at Bagnowka cemetery. We reerected
another 314 fallen headstones restoring dignity to those interned at
this solemn site. Our three year total stands at almost 1000 now.

We want to thank our donors who made this effort possible.

We also thank our many volunteers including Lucy, Heidi, Frank, Waldek,
Andre, Kuba, Lucas, Daniel, Xan, Ali, Paula, Karen, Iva, Pete, Howie,
Nathan, Darren, Peter, Barry, Michele, Ofer, A.S.F. and my wonderful
daughter Alia and awesome wife Amy. We could not have achieved the great
successes without each and everyone of these hardworking volunteers. We
hope that we did not forget anyone and if so thank you too!

Thanks again and we look forward to 2019.

Josh Degen
Chairman of the Bialystok Cemetery Restoration Fund

Help spread the word!"

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