BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland shochet Yudel Shlomo - what next? #poland

Sylvia Caras

My grandfather arrived in the United States in 1892 with his wife and
two daughters and settled in Boston. I have found quite a lot about
him >from that date forward and about his wife's family in Lithuania
and in the United States.

I am trying to find more about him, where he came from, whether he
had siblings, his parents.

What I know is that he registered the births of his daughters in
Bialystok in 1891, surname Yudelowna, that at first he was a shochet
in Boston, and that his wife's family came >from Valbevizik. I'm
wondering if I might be able to track him through his religious
training or shtetl lists or even a Jewish marriage registry (I'd
guess 1888 or 1889). I'd appreciate any suggestions on next steps.

Yudel Shlomo (Joseph) Badanowitz son of Shlioma-Shaya

Sylvia Caras, Santa Cruz, California

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