BialyGen: Bialystok Region #Bialystok #Poland Seeking information on three families: ZEILINGOLD, WILENSKY, and RASHBAUM #poland


I am writing to see if anyone is familiar with these three families of my
ancestors who all lived in Bialystok:

1) ZEILINGOLD - My great grandfather was Solomon Zeilingold. He was born in
1858 in Pinsk and married Nechama Chotz >from Brest Litovsk. They had 11
children, four of whom I know nothing, five who were born in Brest Litovsk:
Arthur, Peter, Mandel, Jacob, and Abraham, and then moved to Bialystok in
the early 1890s where they had their final two children: Rose and Aaron
(Harry, who was my grandfather). The oldest sons left Bialystok in 1899
and traveled alone to New York. The rest of the family left in 1903,
stopping to visit Nachoma Chotz's brother, Alexander Chotz (who had changed
his name upon arriving in England to Alexander Sussman). The Zeilingold
family continued on to America later that year, staying in England for 14
weeks. My great grandfather, Solomon was called rabbi in America and in
an odd little blurb i_
_n a 1949 Jewish Floridian column, there is a one line mention which states=
that "America's most distinguished heart specialist Dr. Harry Gold's fathe=
r was an orthodox rabbi." No one in my family today had ever heard this. Ad=
ditionally, on Solomon's headstone in Rotterdam, NY, it states: "Here is bu=
ried a pious and sincere man who was steeped in Torah and feared God; our f=
ather Shlomo ben Aharon, great grandson of the great Karliner rabbi, >from R=
ussia" In the United States, he was a soap manufacturer.

2) WILENSKY - The Wilensky family was headed by David Wilensky who was a mi=
ll owner in Bialystok. David had at least two children of whom I am aware: =
Barnet Wilensky who married Paulina or Pearl Rashbaum in the early 1870s an=
d had several children (see below) and eventually moved to America. Their d=
aughter, Anna Wilensky married Alexander Sisskind Chotz. Alexander and Anna=
had a daughter Clara in 1887 and then moved to England where they also had=
a son William. They eventually moved to America around 1909.

3) RASHBAUM - The Rashbaum family was headed by Nathan Rashbaum. Apparently=
he lived to be 105 years old. His daughter Paulina or Pearl (or possibly g=
randdaughter) married Barnet Wilensky. They had a number of children: Louis=
, Nathan, Joseph, and Bessie, before traveling to the United States in the =
late 1880s and having a few more children: William, Mary, and Frieda, and L=
illian. Two of the Wilensky children married the two children of Alexander =
Chotz (Sussman) upon arriving in the U.S.

Any and all information surrounding any of these families would be much app=
reciated. I can be reached at goldtenor [@]

Thank you very much.


Phil Gold

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