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I have created a web page that shows records and family tree information for
the FAKTOR family that originated >from Subate, Latvia.

Here is the link:

<A HREF="">Click here: Faktors >from
Subate, Latvia</A>

Here is the actual address:

The information is based on archival records, directories, and interviews.
I'm hoping that I will find others who have more information on this family,
as lost Subate records prevent me >from putting all of these FAKTOR relatives
on a single family tree.

I have further information about modern-day FAKTORS that I have omitted to
protect their privacy. I also used years, rather than specific dates, and
street names, rather than full street addresses, although I have the more
specific information.

I'm also thinking of adding photos of some of these people.

This web address is currently unpublished. I would appreciate feedback >from
the group before I make this page more visible. Any suggestions would be

You can email me at:



Paul Berkay
Courland Area Research Group

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