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I applaude your effort! I have only two, small critical comments:

1) Check HTML coding problems (apostrophes) on several pages.

2) I suggest moving the surname and place summaries closer to the top of
the main page so folks can see them immediately in the browser. That will
save folks searching through the site for names/places in vain if they
happen to click further into the site >from the main page WITHOUT looking
further down the page first.

Your pages can (and should) be a model for others who have this sort of info
and want to share it in a structured, coherent way without resorting to
formalized trees and databases. I will bookmark your finished pages, in
hopes of someday finding time to do DINBERG (Daugavpils and environs,


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| I have created a web page that shows records and family tree
| information for
| the FAKTOR family that originated >from Subate, Latvia.
| Here is the link:
| <A HREF="">Click
| here: Faktors >from
| Subate, Latvia</A>
| Here is the actual address:

You can email me at:


Paul Berkay
Courland Area Research Group

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